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CA$ 4,799.00 CAD
CA$ 4,799.00 CAD


CA$ 4,799.00 CAD
CA$ 4,799.00 CAD
The next iteration of the famed EM series is here, the all new EM4. This is a one of a kind electric scooter that gives you the modern, stylish, motorcycle-esque look with some amazing features that sets it way above the rest! The EM4 comes with dual, removable lithium ion batteries! You can get up to 90 km range on a single charge, and you can charge them both in and outside of the bike! This bike is both powerful and lighter than many of its counterparts. The EM4 is an absolute must have for those who live in apartments, or for someone looking for that extra long travel. It also only requires one battery in the bike to operate, so you can ride for half the maximum range, take out the battery and put it to charge then travel for the second half while your battery is charging! This electric scooter is in a class of its own. Get the EM4 at your local Daymak dealer and experience an ebike on a whole other level. ------------------------------------------------------------- Motor 500W Battery 2 x 72V 20AH (72V 40AH) Lithium Ion Battery Life 1000 cycles Removable battery Yes Charger input 110V-240V Charge time 10 - 12 Hours Lights LED Max load 400lbs or 182 kg Net weight 250 lbs or 114 kg Dimensions Assembled 78"x32"x43" Seat Height 32" Seat Width 10" Seat Length 23” In Box Weight -- Range up to 90 km Top Speed 32 km/h Climbing incline 25 degrees Tire size 110/70 - 17 (F) 140 / 70 - 16 (R) Gauges Battery Level / Speedometer / Odometer / Trip Meter / Voltage Brakes Rear and Front Hydraulic Disc Brakes Key ignition Key Ignition / Remote Start Shocks 7" of Travels (F) Coil (R) Controller Daymak Drive Bluetooth Extras Back Lit LED
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  • Brand:
  • Motor:
  • Weight
  • Dimensions
  • Battery
    72V/20Amp x 2
  • Battery Type
    Lithium Ion
  • Battery Life
  • Brakes
    Hydraulic Disc
  • Charger Type
    72V/2.5 Lithium Charger
  • Charger Input
    AC 110V-240V
  • Charger Time
    8-12 hours
  • Max Speed
  • Range
    90km- 72V/20Amp x 2 Lithium
  • Max Load
    400 lbs
  • Climbing Incline
    25 degrees
  • Tire Size
    110/70-17 (F) 140/70-16 (R)
Colours Available:
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