Zone S

CA$ 3,299.00 CAD
CA$ 3,299.00 CAD

Zone S

CA$ 3,299.00 CAD
CA$ 3,299.00 CAD
 Full size motorcycle body; Emmo GTS Super Torque Motor; 16″ Motorcycle Wheels; Disc Brakes; LED digital meter. Sporty Design will Have You Cruising Through The Streets with the Fastest Acceleration on the Market. Dual Disc Front brakes for added Riding Capability and Amazing Handling too, cruise control and so much more!! 72V/20Ah Lead Acid: $ 3299 72V/30Ah Lithium: $ 4699 72V/50Ah Lithium: $ 5699 72V/60Ah Lithium: $ 6299 72V/80Ah Lithium: $ 7199 72V/100Ah Lithium: $ 8199
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  • Brand:
  • Motor:
    Emmo GTS Super Torque Motor
  • Weight
  • Dimensions
  • Battery
    72V/20Ah Gel SLA
  • Battery Type
    Lead Acid
  • Battery Life
  • Brakes
    Hydraulic Disc Brake
  • Charger Type
    AC100-120V, Smart Charger (Battery maintained while charging)
  • Charger Input
  • Charger Time
  • Max Speed
  • Range
    50 km
  • Max Load
    250 kg
  • Climbing Incline
    28 degrees
  • Tire Size
    110/70-70 front, 120/80-16 back, Heavy Duty Tubeless
Colours Available:
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