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Scorpio 723

CA$ 2,799.00 CAD
CA$ 2,799.00 CAD

Scorpio 723

CA$ 2,799.00 CAD
CA$ 2,799.00 CAD
Gorgeous Design and what a beauty! New for Tao Motors equipped with a 72V 20Ah Battery option of Lead Acid or Lithium, and up to 85km range with Lithium Batteries. Sleek design and large tires makes a great addition to on road or gravel terrain and holds its value. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Lead Acid 20A: $2799 Lithium 20A : $3249 Lithium 30A: $3749 Lithium 40A: $4149 72V 20Ah Battery.Option Lead Acid/Lithium Motor. -500W LED Lights, Digital Dash Up to 45km with Lead Acid/85km with Lithium Tire- 120/70-12 (F). 120/70-12( R) Hydraulic Disc (F) /Hydraulic Disc (R)
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  • Brand:
  • Motor:
  • Weight
  • Dimensions
  • Battery
    Lead Acid 20Ah; Lithium 20Ah; Lithium 30Ah
  • Battery Type
    Lead Acid/ Lithium
  • Battery Life
  • Brakes
    Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Charger Type
    72V 20Ah Lead Acid/Lithium
  • Charger Input
  • Charger Time
    6-8 hrs
  • Max Speed
  • Range
    Up to 85km
  • Max Load
  • Climbing Incline
    25 degrees
  • Tire Size
    120/70-12 120/70-12 (R)
Colours Available:
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